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Lack of design in software leads to:

  • Slipping release dates
  • Unsatisfied customers
  • Dwindling marketshare
  • Inconsistent code
  • Blown budgets
  • Embarrassing results
  • Complex updates
  • Overwhelmed support

Many companies lack the resources to design great software.
LavaVein supplements your team with UX & UI experts so that you can build extraordinary software that your users will love.

What can LavaVein do for you?

UX Strategy

Consulting and training help your company implement design thinking, build UX teams and reimagine your user relationships.

User Research

Knowing exactly what your customer wants and needs lets you make exactly what they want and need (this is surprisingly rare).


Detailed wireframes let you rapidly get feedback from users, buy-in from stakeholders and enthusiasm from your team before you build.

Visual Assets

Beautiful icons, images and illustrations delight users, reinforce your content and elevate your product over your competition.

Design Systems

Well documented style guides, CSS libraries and code snippets allow developers to code efficiently and consistently.


Design-focused HTML/CSS/JS specialists allow your other developers to keep their attention on business logic and back-ends.

Get started creating better software!

1. Book an Idea Meeting

Click here to schedule a free meeting with a member of the LavaVein team.

2. Share Your Goals

What are you creating, who are you serving and how are you doing it?

3. Launch Your Future

Learn how you can transform your customers’ software experience!

Idea Meeting

We’d love to hear about your software project, and we think we have some good experience to share with you! Pick an hour, and pick our brains.

We can help you explore concepts, clear hurdles, find resources, organize your team and just give you a fresh set of eyes.

It’s totally free, there is no obligation and there’s no sales pitch. Book a meeting now!

LavaVein can be your trusted design ally

At LavaVein, we know that you need to make software that is profitable for your company. Beyond that, we know that you desire to make software that helps your users improve their world – whether your efficiency adds hours to their day or your data gives confidence to their decisions or your elegance makes their work more enjoyable. For years, we’ve been helping companies connect with their users in the beginning so that the software they create will connect with their users in the end.

“You guys are so awesome. The feedback from our users is off the charts. In fact one of our customers asked ‘OMG! how do I get this for everything?’”

Lynn Barr

Founder/Executive Chairman, Caravan Health

“Before LavaVein, my project UX and UI looked and flowed like a 1980s minivan but now a 2020s Ferrari! Their team is next level!”

Philip Ferrara

President, LibertyApps

“It is great working with LavaVein. They are able to quickly learn our objectives, cutting through the noise and delivering designs that are attractive, are usable and meet business requirements.”

Todd Treiber

Chief Technology Officer, OMNI Healthcare

Why bother?

You notice a difference when you enter a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or drive a car designed by Enzo Ferrari or use a computer designed by Jony Ive. It’s something more than just beautiful.

You also notice a difference when you see something that lacks design. It’s something worse than just ugly. With software, it leads to…

  • Disconnected Users – Without an understanding of your customers’ true needs and an attention to the details that delight, you risk building something that nobody really wants.
  • Disappointed Stakeholders – Without a fully-conceived, fully-conveyed vision, you risk blown deadlines and unfinished projects.
  • Discouraged Teams – Without the right resources and documentation, you risk inconsistent UI, bloated code and frustrated developers.

An idea meeting with LavaVein can get you pointed in the right direction. It’s free, confidential and impactful!

Ways to save

We want to help you as much as we can, so here are some deals to stretch your budget.

Meet the founders

David Oberg

Co-Founder | CEO

With over 30 years of experience in the software industry, David is driven to make solutions that delight customers.

His passion is to thoroughly understand the user’s needs and goals and translate them into a vision that developers can deliver. Coupling his 20 years as a software developer with his 14 years of user experience has given him unique skills in effectively communicating and negotiating the requirements and workflows.

David lives with his wife in Gainesville, FL and has four children.

David Oberg - Head of User Experience
David Oberg - Head of User Experience

Robert Privette

Co-Founder | President

Robert has the imagination to envision a product’s potential and the ability and tenacity to bring it to fruition. He crafts delightful experiences for applications that impact millions of users, despite the challenges of regulatory or technology hurdles, tight deadlines and limited resources. He searches out the beauty in the unpleasant and the simplicity in the complex.

Robert got got his BS and MBA at the University of Florida and did additional study through the Harvard Business School. 

He lives with his wife and four children in Gainesville, FL and enjoys woodworking and music.

Got questions?

Does LavaVein work on retainer?

It can be helpful to have a top notch design team at your disposal when you need them. Some clients bring us in to work on a big project and then keep us around as a resource for the Dev and Marketing teams. 

We want to polish up existing software. Can you help with that?

We have highly trained front-end developers on our team who are able to step into your code and carefully modify your software to improve aesthetics, workflow, responsiveness and accessibility.  

How does working with LavaVein save me time and money?

LavaVein boosts speed and squashes spend in three big ways:

  1. User Research – Most software companies fail to fully appreciate their users’ needs and goals which results in a lot of wasted development effort and low NPI scores. LavaVein works alongside your internal subject matter experts to develop and execute a solid user research plan and helps to create a shared project vision.
  2. Rapid Prototyping – Leveraging decades of UX experience, LavaVein creates and validates wireframe prototypes that can be quickly adjusted based on user feedback – ensuring that you are building a product your users will love and providing your development team a detailed spec to build.
  3. Development Resources – LavaVein provides a full-featured UI framework, a documented design system and a team of talented front-end devs that ensures consistency and easy of use across the entire product, enabling your developers to focus their efforts on the database and business logic.

It’s been proven that every $1 spent on UX can return up to $100!

What is an Idea Meeting, and why should I schedule one?

Actually, you probably know what your Idea Meeting looks like better than we do, because it’s about you and your project! It’s an opportunity for you to discuss your challenges and goals with a team who can spark fresh thoughts, point you in good directions and give you helpful tips. There’s absolutely NO OBLIGATION, we just really like this sort of thing!

How is LavaVein different from marketing agencies?

Most agencies focus on solely on the marketing of your product. LavaVein takes a holistic approach to ensure that your branding, style, text and tone penetrate all aspects of your product and marketing collateral. We often serve as a bridge between your marketing and development departments, helping to provide a unified experience for your customers at each stage of engagement.

How is LavaVein different from software development companies?

It might help to think about it in terms of building a house: A quality builder can take a list of requirements (three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two car garage) and make you a solid house that ticks the boxes. However, that house probably won’t get featured in Architectural Digest and you may end up frustrated that your SUV is too long for the garage. If you want to build something truly special that delights you with its beauty and thoughtfulness, you bring in an architect and a team of designers to work with the builders to craft a masterpiece.

In the same way, LavaVein isn’t a replacement for your developers, but we work ahead of them and alongside them to plan, refine and execute something that will delight your users.

What's with the name?

Years ago, one of our founders, Robert, was in a band. Their drummer wasn’t able to make a midwest tour, so they asked their buddy Austin to sit in. During one gig in Ohio, Austin broke his sticks halfway through a song and finished up playing the kit with his hands – bloody and bruised, but with a massive smile! Austin’s email address was lavavein@some-mid-2000s-email-service.com. Robert was so struck by his friend’s passion that he resolved someday to name a company after him. Austin.com was taken, but he was able to get LavaVein.com from a defunct heavy metal band.

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