Finding beauty in unexpected places.

With decades of success delighting customers in healthcare, legal, education, travel, publishing, finance, non-profit and more, LavaVein has the experience and skill to launch your project to new heights!

David Oberg

Head of User Experience | Founder

With over 30 years of experience in the software industry, I’m driven to make solutions that delight customers.

My passion is to thoroughly understand the user’s needs and goals and translate them into a vision that developers can deliver. Coupling my 18 years as a software developer with my 12 years of user experience has given me unique skills in effectively communicating and negotiating the requirements and workflows.

Robert Privette

Head of Design | Founder

I design software – elegant software.

I have the imagination to envision a product’s potential and the ability and tenacity to bring it to fruition. I craft delightful experiences for applications that impact millions of users, despite the challenges of regulatory or technology hurdles, tight deadlines and limited resources. I search out the beauty in the unpleasant and the simplicity in the complex. I am convinced that excellence is attainable in every project and is worth fighting for.

What’s with the name?

Years ago, Robert was in a band. Their drummer wasn’t able to make a midwest tour, so they asked their buddy Austin to sit in. During one gig in Ohio, Austin broke his sticks halfway through a song and finished up playing the kit with his hands – bloody and bruised, but with a massive smile! Austin’s email address was Robert was so struck by his friend’s passion that he resolved someday to name a company after him. was taken, but he was able to get from a defunct heavy metal band.   

Making something?

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