A lot can be done with a little.

Your product may be showing its age, it may be a poorly executed great idea or a gorgeous product that lacks vision or cohesion, it may be an infant idea still forming in your head. We can help.


Moving forward with confidence on a big project or new initiative can be difficult when you’re basing your decisions on hunches and online research. Whether you are planning a re-org to support a fresh design focus, creating a design system to tighten your development efforts or considering a new technology stack to bring your software onto the latest devices, LavaVein has the expertise and experience to steer you in the right direction.

UX/UI Design

A clear understanding of your users’ needs, wants and workflows is critical to crafting a successful product. A clear vision is crucial to earning stakeholder buy-in. A clear design is vital to a smooth, efficient development effort. LavaVein can do the user research, the testing, the design iteration, the aesthetic refining and the vision-casting needed to create an experience and interface that bridges the gap between user desire to user delight

Front-End Development

With a LavaVein design/front-end team serving your developers, your software comes to life in whole new ways. Elegance, consistency and reusability are our hallmarks. We can create a design system pre-sprint 1, we can build “stub UIs” that you can just wire up or we can fully jump into your scrum teams – working tasks, pushing code and reviewing commits.       

Full-Stack Development

Maybe you’re not a “software company”; maybe you have a first rate dev team but no bandwidth; maybe you want to do a skunkworks project that operates outside the bounds of your normal constraints… Maybe you should let LavaVein do the whole thing! We aren’t a dev farm or a staffing service with a rotating roster of off-shore talent. We have THE BEST design-focused development resources available on the East Coast.  

The importance of design

Utilizing the latest in user-research methodologies, we’ll help you uncover new insights about your customer’s needs and goals. We’ll then leverage our decades of experience to help you develop those insights into intuitive and modern designs that will delight your customers, decrease your support expenses and increase your marketshare.

Here’s how… 

Expert Design Review

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your interface design and provide you with a prioritized list of recommendations for helping you satisfy user requirements.

User Research

We listen to and observe your customers. We facilitate studies and workshops to provide insight and concrete recommendations.

Information Architecture Analysis

We work with your team and customers to evaluate how well your content is organized, structured and labeled. Our systematic approach ensures that our recommendations are all backed by evidence.

UX Strategy

We provide consulting on UX strategy, org charts and product development processes.

Design Systems

We provide holistic design kits with UI components, styles and UX guidelines; enabling you to scale development and ensure consistency.

Data Visualization

We turn analytics data into actionable information. We breathe life into your charts and spreadsheets.

Making something?

We’d love to talk to you. Tell us a little about what you’re trying to accomplish, and let’s start the conversation!